About Us

Why To Choose Value Deal Real Estate As Your Partner to Assign Your Property To or When You Search For A Property?

Real estate is one of the most demanding and competitive fields of economy, due to it’s relation with every market sector. In Value Deal, we provide high quality services with responsibility, knowledge and reliability, based on years of experience and on a high standard training.

Our services are custom made and flexible in order to satisfy our clients’ needs, both as a seller or a buyer. Our goal is to create an additional value with our work and efforts for every client. Here, every deal has value!

If you are a property owner, in Value Deal, you will find experienced and trustworthy real estate agents, willing to stand by you in every step of the process of selling or leasing your property.

Our agents are taking care of:

  • the right valuation of your property
  • a complete and personalized marketing plan
  • the professional management of every prospective buyer
  • the on time updating for every aspect that may affect the sell of your property
  • the professional presentation of the property
  • the step by step monitoring of the selling process till the final contract signing


For prospective buyers, our agents can:

  • evaluate properly your needs
  • search and propose the best properties for you
  • propose financial solutions
  • explain the selling process and support you in every step
  • continue to provide after sale services
  • propose ways of profitability

In Value Deal, we build strong connections of reliability with our clients. We use to say that our best partners are our happy clients!